Staying healthy on the road

Travelling can do all sorts of crazy things to your body. Different weather, water, routine, food, add long days in the sun, too much booze and you’re in a risk of getting unwell.

But, there are some simple things that worked for me and we can all do to stay a little healthier and a little happier while traveling.

Always green light for fresh fruit and veg

We all heard about five-a-day rule. While we can quietly ignore it at home, do try to embrace it while traveling, because availability of fresh produce is endless.

Cooking up something healthy and nutritious is much simpler than most people realise – it just takes a little more effort! But if you want to keep those baggy sides away, you will have to find an inner creativity. So many backpackers opt for instant noodles and giant portions of oily fried rice, and I don’t blame them, it’s easier and in most cases tasty, but what does your scales have to say about that?

No matter which country you’re visiting, you can always find a local morning market. Shop there for cheap veggies and make your next meal calorie friendly.

Another excellent tip is to incorporate fresh juice or smoothie into your routine, just eliminate the sugar part!

Keep sickness away

When I feel a cold coming on, I down a fire hot cup of green tea with lemon and honey before bed. If you have whisky, pour a shot, works miracles. But really one shot is enough!

If stomach is feeling unwell, I always carry dried pomegranate skins to chew on. It was my friend’s tip, which proved to be an upset belly savior.


Two liters* a day will keep doctor away. And a nasty headache, and that sluggish feeling and many other undesired feelings. You really don’t need that when you’re supposed to be off having fun.

*Keep in mind that while you’re traveling in hot countries, you’ll need more than 2L. don’t wait to feel thirsty, make it a habit to constantly sip water.


If you keep on top of your healthy nutrition, you won’t need multivitamins. However, it’s hard to do so while traveling as there are often days when I barely consume an entire vegetable, and the only fruit option will be orange flavored jelly.

I know multivitamins are neither a replacement nor the excuse for a balanced diet but I choose to carry some in order to keep healthy.

I’m using Biotin, Primrose oil and Zinc for my hair, as I started having problems with hair loss. Read here how I dealt with it.

Keep moving

Some days are action packed with trekking trips and all day long city walks, while others go as far as beach bumming, colada sipping and greasy street food tasting.

Both will leave you happily satisfied, with later one a few pounds heavier. However, being a follower of a second approach I know that every hour spent tasting gelatos needs to be mixed and matched with sweat producing exercises.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t give an access to pools or gyms, but it’s actually quite easy to get a bit of exercise in without these facilities, you just have to remember to do it.

So instead of taking a tuk tuk, push yourself to walk those 2miles. Start practicing yoga or pull out a simple 20min work out routine from pinterest. And if you like running, get your sneakers on and go for a jog and conquer the city on foot.


Last but not least, always get some rest. Sleep is a key to your beauty and health.




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