Learning To Surf in Mozambique

After a few unsuccessful attempts I am finally in Mozambique. Staying only one night in Maputo I’m on my way to Tofo, because after spending three weeks in Namibian deserts I’m just missing the beach!

And it doesn’t take me long to find that Tofo is not only a seafood paradise but also a surfing Mecca. So guess what I’m doing next? Maybe getting down to business with myself and finally learning to surf. 

Waves here are perfect for beginners as they’re not too big and most of them are beach breaks. Also, beaches are sandy, with very little rocks, which is too important if you’re planning on maintaining your beautiful, scar free knees:)

Because, i’ve never surfed nor held a board before, I’ve decided to take a few lessons to learn the basics. Surf Shack is most popular and well established surf shop in Tofo and was recommended by many locals. 

I had two days with instructor, who actually managed to get me up and standing on the board by the end of a first lesson. What a hero, knowing my clumsiness and dislike for waves crashing into my face and up the nostrils.

Having said that, waves are pretty aggressive towards me but we all know saying about the lemons and what you have to do with them.

After learning the basic technique, I am trying to catch waves myself, which is obviously much harder, since no one is pushing me from behind. You probably don’t want to know how many times I’ve fallen flat on my face.

Next thing I’ve done is watch some youtube videos on how to paddle better and gain speed. And because I’ve got a short board, I need to be extra powerful in order to be carried by the weaker wave. If I keep practising every day I might end up in a triangle shape (ripped upper body:)

Waves on the corner of Tofo are great for beginners and used by instructors to teach. But I’ve moved my practising place near my home in Tofinho after a bit, as it has stronger waves and no people I can ride on.

Just a week ago, I wasnt a fan of big waves and salty hair but look at me now; I’m checking the low tide calendar, waxing my board but lets be honest, I still hate salt in my blond locks! And that’s permanent. 

Best thing having time in your hands, you can stay places you like. So, I extend my visa, rent a beach apartment, pull out a new yoga routine, get a proper surfboard and stay for some more practice and self exploration. After all, this isn’t a bad place to get stuck!

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